Saturday, October 27, 2007

Revisiting The Past Creating the Future

Based on the rationale that this is the third and new incarnation for this weblog, I have been going back over past posts making corrections. My online persona is not as limited by separation from the past as is my day job/real life. It is somewhat like making changes in our lives today to correct for consequences of decisions made in the past. Some good and bad was lost from the second incarnation. Some of that dealt with Burma. and my reactions to campaigns through the Internet. In this third incarnation I discovered another blog Serendiptiyoucity, which seems to be by a geographer and cybercartographer, that did a very impressive post on the Burma satellite pictures. It demonstrates that knowledge and meaning can come in many forms.

This story is from the Los Angeles Times Myanmar junta holds talks with Suu Kyi "It is the government's first official meeting with the detained opposition leader in more than 18 years." By Paul Watson, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer October 26, 2007. It raises the question, was there in fact an impact from the reaction of the world's people to this tragedy? Even though one may feel like a drop of water in the ocean, were we all part of a wave in bringing about a possible change?

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