Thursday, October 25, 2007

Designing for a Better World

Saul Griffith touches upon just about everything this site wishes to support and promote. In a 2006 TED talk he talks about basics of creating design from understanding the science of the universe and how learning from that could bring benefit to the world. He was recently awarded the MacArthur Genius Award for 2007 according to the TED Blog. What he does for me is demonstrates that design is not a matter of "skin deep" veneer but comes from deep understanding and commitment. Here are some other MacAurthur Genius award winners from TED.

In my own evolution of thought I am becoming to believe in the ability to intentionally design one's life to fit one's values. That may seem obvious to some but to actually integrate that into one's life and have it make a difference in the world still seems a challenge. With this in mind I am designing my own "meaning" of the word paradigm.

"Elements making up the defined "meanings of" things or events in the world that can be redefined by one so as to giving "meaning to" something or "meaning for" someone. By intentionally using these elements, one reshapes a small part of this world and perhaps in doing so becomes part of a larger paradigm shift in the world and in turn again within themselves."

I hope Erin Mckean would approve.

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