Thursday, October 25, 2007

Starbuck Wisdom

Seth Godin has a rather simple post on the following great story. This sounds like a personal paradigm shift to me. I am not able to judge how well Starbucks instills this set of paradigms into its employees. Behind the story are the perspectives of Branding Guru John Moore who has some rather interesting insights from his time at Starbucks.

This site's scope does try to reach the philosophical even spiritual wisdom but the practical lessons of effective business practices are still to be learned and respected. Especially when implementing them results in the very objectives this site seeks to obtain, paradigm shifts that benefit both the individual and the organization.

Change agents by their nature have a message that they need to get out. Both to convince others of the need for change and to have them participate actively in that change. Other interesting bits from John Moore.

Espresso Shots of Business Wisdom

Tribal Knowledge

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