Thursday, October 25, 2007

Relinqushing Ignorance

This weblog is created in part for the recognition and resolving or relinquishing of ignorance - mostly mine. It has been effective in that role in a couple of ways. One, realizing how much there is to any subject. In this incarnation finally read the articles on Kuhn that I found under Paradigm Shifts from Other Perspectives. Two, getting a better understanding of the ideas of others. A second look at a Marginal Revolution post showed that I did not fully appreciate some of the points that were being made. Professor Cowen seemed to be asking a sort of cost/benefits question on Capitalism based on criticisms by Naomi Klein's new The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism stating that she pinpoints the discomfort that free market advocates have with democracy. I still think for the most part it was as I stated in my post, Ms. Klein's Capitalism as Devil versus Capitalism as God. Some interesting arguments though were made especially for the view that both democracy and free enterprise are necessary for the best from of social contract. There were also a couple of web gems which I missed during my first go through which are provided here. Contemporary Economic Myths from MattXIV of 4 Lights Blog and Rebel Sell from David Zetland of Sex Drugs and Water Utilities

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