Thursday, October 25, 2007

Burma Burning

Originally, it was the picture from space that induced me to put the Burma crisis onto this weblog. Not the technology but the idea of a human event so catastrophic that it was if the planet were crying out. I also grabbed from the two major newspapers from which I generally get my news. It was a quick reaction but further impact seems minimal. This weblog has little impact and to be truthful was not really designed at this point to have much. Despite that I put up a few more connections dealing with the Burma crisis.

Anybody could do this but this is a list of articles from Sphere it!
This article U.N. Envoy Tries to Ease Tensions in Myanmar was printed today in the New York Times. The Los Angeles Times also ran a similar article on Burma . The reporter on the NY Times Story is SETH MYDANS here is a list of other stories by Mr. Mydans . Tricycle is a Buddhist blog/publication. Here is a list of articles and connections dealing with the Burma crisis.

Finally there is Free Burma! International Bloggers' Day for Burma on the 4th of October. For this weblog this is only a symbolic gesture. Perhaps only one other person will see this soon enough to have it make any impact on its own but it will add another number to the overall effort. Perhaps all this together will not be able to prevail over the current situation but it will show what can be done and regardless of what happens for the present because all things are dependent upon cause and conditions the days of the Myanmar junta are numbered.

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