Thursday, October 25, 2007

Online Persona

An effect of this web experiment is that I now have an online persona. I have had online identities before so that the e-mail can get to the right place but not a persona. Of course its a fledging one but definitely has some advantages over my real world one. Best one is that I can always go back and correct errors that I usually can't in the 'real' world. Also my many quibbles and foibles are left behind or are at least not as apparent. Still there are many mistakes to be made in the online world as well. My online persona gives me - courage seems too strong a word - but making a first comment on other blogs seems easier than before. I had already started commenting on TED. Yesterday I saw a post from Marginal Revolution's Tyler Cowen, Every claim is wrong. Though likely more "liberal" than most of Professor Cowen's readers, his post raised some interesting questions which I have to take some time to ponder.

There have been other posts on the web also requiring greater thought dealing with the Grameen Phone Company who's founder Iqbal Quadir is featured under Social and Economic Paradigms . The article raising the questions is from Fast Company - Unplanned Obsolescence.

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