Thursday, October 25, 2007

Helping My Understanding

All of this work with the weblog, helps to inform my understanding and evolving relationship with the world, even those parts with which I disagree. The truth is that there is a great deal to learn from sources with which we might disagree or see as being outside of our realm. There is also greater opportunity for serendipity. My readings on Kuhn's original conceptualization of the term paradigm shift and those of his critics took me to new philosophical vistas of which further exploration is warranted. These are in Paradigm Shifts from Other Perspectives. The links here provide additional information on some of the authors of the articles.

The Gregory W. Quine article was by Paul A. Gregory, Ph.D.
The synopsis of the Thomas Kuhn ideas was by Frank Pajares
Frank Pajares site has a number of interesting links.

One of the Web 2.0 concepts I am wrestling with is creating a tagging system so that different parts can lead to other parts so those pathways are not determined, but they can also find there way back to the source. If one was to create an overall concept of a Paradigm Shift mind-map, it would include multiple tags dealing with many concepts such as innovation, creativity and leadership. It would differentiate between the terms. Each would be able to lead to the other without being overwhelmed with a the noise of too many irrelevant choices while also allowing the expansion of the exploration when desired. Explorers could then define their own pathways and create their own repositories of information to use in their own self-created personal paradigm shifts.

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