Thursday, October 25, 2007

Differences that make a difference

My online persona interacts occasionally with various forums. One benefit of this weblog is that it makes it possible to share knowledgeable and expert insights of one realm with another. Even though the realms are often connected far closer than the standard six degrees of separation, the ability to make our own connections creates new paradigms that can be built upon. It is still a learning process but we can take the same beginning, the same path and the same destination again and still discover new perspectives for oneself and others. This post was a nexus between TED and MIT.

The issues raised by the Fast Company article about Grameenphone needs further thought. I have hopeful confidence in the ability of Iqbal Quadir, Grameen and the MIT Program in Developmental Entrepreneurship to address them. Even though we are speaking of an impact with broad reach, the basic economics can provide lessons to those of us working at a more local level. For anybody interested here is the link to an MIT Sloan panel discussion MIT World » : Global Entrepreneurship: Inefficiency as Opportunity ...conducted prior to Iqbal Quadir's TED talk. There is also one sponsored by Technology Review in which he discusses his views on innovation MIT World » : Emerging Technologies: The Innovators' View . Although the challenges with the current credit crunch seem daunting, these videos give one a perspective on how leaders like Iqbal Quadir deal with them.

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