Thursday, October 25, 2007

Benefical Paradigm Shifts Arise from Ethical Actions Arise from Moral Principles

Putting Principles into Action via The Entrepreneurial Mind by Jeff Cornwall on 9/24/07

This weblog seeks paradigm shifts in how one relates to the world in a more positive fashion. It focuses on the personal and community level recognizing that one of the most important avenues is though ethical business practices. This post from Jeff Cornwall of Belmont University provides some timeless principals and is placed under Innovation, Insights, and Integrity a new incarnation of a shared reader containing a number of different articles dealing with these concepts.

To quote Jeff Cornwall's Blog his column this week in the Tennessean encourages entrepreneurs to translate their ethics and values into concrete actions in their businesses.

While business ethics is getting much more attention in the press, in the boardroom and in the classroom, I am concerned that our definition of business ethics is sliding into a legalistic world of rules compliance.

Whether it's in everyday life or in the business world, we have to be careful not to boil morality down to a simple list of don''s that serves as a checklist of how to be ethical.

Business ethics should so much more than a list of rules to follow. It should be a much broader set of standards of how we treat one another..

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