Thursday, October 25, 2007

Unsung Heroes of Web 2.0

As great of a fan TED as I am my the idea of intentional paradigm shift that this weblog puts forward is not focused on the 0.0000151% of the population that gets to attend TED Conferences. A New York Times Technology article focuses on The Unsung Heroes Who Move Products Forward.Besides singing the praises of the unsung the article also discusses process innovation.

"Process innovation, even more than most product innovations, also tends to realize its economic potential through a lengthy process of incremental improvement based on learning by doing and other types of learning," he added. "So 'breakthroughs' in process engineering are, if anything, even rarer than in product innovation."

The question is how process innovation can be applied to other fields such as leadership and management. If non-governmental organizations lose their connection to government and have to depend upon themselves, what is left? Many are already autonomous, but many have not begun or have not fully realized the untapped potential of the so-called new economy.

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