Thursday, October 25, 2007

Creativity Original and So-So

This post has been re-visited and linked back to from posts in the future. One habit, which is apparent here, was addressing issues of content and medium in the same post.

One of the problems with sharing through a Google Reader is that it has to be a rss or atom feed. I found what I thought was a great post from an interesting blog GapingVoid by Hugh MacLeod on how to be creative. It's from way back in 2004, which goes to my thought about the often impermanent nature of the web. The usual tendency is to seek only the latest data currently provided on the web thereby missing on a possible wealth of wisdom and knowledge. Of course, the more one goes into the dusty archives the more one has to work to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Innovation, Insights , Integrity has a later post on how to be so-so creative which leads to the one above. The author's attitude towards creativity has changed though. Don't know why the change but things change for all of us. To help avoid being overly dourly philosophical about such things, the GapingVoid blog offers the following created by some fans.

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