Thursday, October 25, 2007

Changing Plans Changing Life

The following story has many of the elements that I find positive and am striving to encourage in my own life and promote in the world. The story came first from Entrepreneurial Mind, My How Plans Can Change . The link to the original Time Magazine story is here. As Jeff Cornwell says, "As carefully as we plan, the same change that creates the opportunity can lead us in unexpected twists and turns."

In the case of Steve Ells, serendipity played an important role. It was not, however, blind luck. It was inspiration arising from being open to new things. It was being adaptable and working with what was available. It maintained autonomy and its values. It is recognizing the importance of design.

"These simple materials are elevated to something extraordinary through great design and architecture. And it's a design that is sympathetic to the food. The food is simple; the raw ingredients are very identifiable: chicken, steak, tomatoes, avocados, rice and beans."

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