Thursday, October 25, 2007

Free Burma More Prayer and Prediction

A basic premise of this endeavor is the concept of condition, cause and effect. This applies fairly obviously to science and economics and also though perhaps less obviously to design, leadership and defining our own lives. Unfortunately the causes we may espouse or endeavor to support often do not lead us to the outcomes we wish for as we might hope.

This weblog partook in the Internet based Free Burma action. A recent check of the site showed 123 blogs on Free Burma in the last 24 hours. That is a significant drop from recent days. This weblog recognized that this was only a symbolic gesture due to the limited outreach of this site. It seems that in fact 1 to 3 other persons did click on the same banner that they could have seen on 14,702 other sites (out of the millions out there) hopefully adding to any impact which would have been minuscule's on its own but added to the overall effort. Unfortunately all this together was not be able to prevail over the current tragedy. It did show what could be done but unfortunately both for the bad, the ruthlessness of the junta and the good.

This site also made the statement that regardless of what happens for the present because all things are dependent upon cause and conditions the days of the Myanmar junta are numbered. When I made the statement it seemed upon reading it a bit pretentious with so many factors working against the prediction but I left it in more as hope. I wish that cause and conditions were such that it were true as of today or the very near future. I still believe it but now it is a matter of faith or confident hope rather than any pretense at political insight but the realities of the last few days makes any proclamations about the future hollow. I need to keep in mind what somebody said, that these efforts are still worthwhile because we are planting seeds.

It does, however, make me think more about how the Internet is used sometimes far too much as a tool for mass communication, with more emphasis on the mass and far less on the communication. Its full potential in focusing more of its use at the local level have not been as fully explored it seems, especially as a means of educating ourselves.

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