Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tech Bubble Burst and Blown Again

This was originally from Businesspundit and as rob says, "Its Fantastic" Unfortunately it stopped working. Same with a number of other sites that featured the video. Undaunted, I found it again at Marketing Pilgrim. This time instead of using YouTube the video is under Metacafe.

Here Comes Another Bubble - video powered by Metacafe

Here is why it stopped working on YouTube. This came from NewTeeVee and was posted by Liz Gannes.

Which happens to be one of those topics I have been wanting to get back to write about. What is Civic Media? is another Ask.com web-available folder that contains a number of different webpages on this particular subject. Despite my new found fondness for del.icio.us, I still, conceptually, like the idea of having a repository or file folder for a set of related webpages. I know that at a certain level there isn't that much difference but having it all together under one title with a specific purpose still appeals to me. My "Generation Jones" side overshadowing my fletching "Generation X" side. The main link that caught my interest in the folder is MIT World » What is Civic Media? The latest to be added was TED | TEDBlog: How creativity is being strangled by the law: Larry Lessig.

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