Monday, December 10, 2007

Balance Is Input = Output for So Many Things In Life

Besides finding Holy Life of the Intellect during my clean-up, I also found a number of very interesting sites that I had discovered but not followed up on. My holdings are starting to go beyond my current mental capacity in breadth and depth, though that is part of reason for doing this. I am like the proverbial kid in the candy store stuffing handfuls so deep in the pockets but there is just too much and it just gets stuck there. Since I don't really write about anything in particular means I can end up trying to write about everything that comes across my plate.

So what comes across my plate. Today I went through about 600 articles on the Google Reader I was behind on. Just tossed the majority of the with Wired articles bringing it down to 300 or so. Sped through the majority of the remainder finding about 30 worth further consideration but still have about 80 Marginal Revolution posts which I find myself unable to speed through at quite the same pace. My problem is not wanting to miss something interesting. Having found something interesting I find myself wanting to write about it as though that will help to incorporate it within myself. Particularly if I see it as something that will assist in my quest to redefine myself for my post retirement career. So the only answer to not getting bogged down and keeping that balance of life I have been posting about is to limit the number of posts I try to do in a week or reading faster. Of course, there is still those 54 webpages stored in MyStuff saved results that I want to get through.

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