Monday, December 10, 2007

Getting One's On-line House In Order

I did another pass through of my tags cleaning out tags and websites that were not serving any real purpose. For some reason my personal psychological make-up doesn't like the idea of a personal web storage dump.

Still trying to determine the proper relationship of tags to each other especially "paradigms" which I gave my own egoistic definition. Basically those sites that embody the concept of implementing intentional change for the better in ones life and in the world. Sounds good but it is personally limited and not particularly precise being redefined with each new discovery. However I was able to apply a new tag "social-entrepreneurship" to a number of previously tagged websites by selecting for "development" +"paradigms" which provided me those website that I had found as stellar examples of social-entrepreneurship. Again, however, the definition is loose and vague.

There is still the philosophical question raised by Professor Jeff Cornwall is social-entrepreneurship just plain old entrepreneurship? From a real world getting the job done perspective I lean towards yes but from a keeping track of a thousand different websites out there the more specific tag is of great use.

So now its a matter of re-loading blinklist, ma.gnolia and diigo.

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