Friday, December 7, 2007

Retirement Fits Into My Plans Does Social Entrepreneurship?

David Bohl, writing for Small Business Trends | small business experts asks Entrepreneurs, Does Retirement Fit Into Your Plans?

Though not an entrepreneur, I am supposedly included among the "Approximately 78 million Americans comprise the Baby Boomer demographic." However, I am less and less enamored with the standard deal of making sacrifices to get ahead and earn a respectable living. Truth is that I make a respectable living. I still place the highest value in family, friends, and community as well as hold honesty, integrity and ethics in high esteem.

Yet, I am also one of those who does not fit or identify with the generation we are born into but then according to Brazen Careerist I might be misidentified. I miss being part of the Jones Generation 1954 to 1965 by 6 months, and I think I should score higher than the Generation Jones maximum of 6 points on Margaret Weigel's test, pushing me into Generation X at least virtually. Though asking if I text my 84 year old mother seems a bit warped.

I do "plan to work in some capacity during my retirement years." So the the question still looms: how to continue experiencing happiness and fulfillment in your personal and professional life well into the Golden Years? The question is part of the reason for this weblog. Creating this weblog is another personal paradigm shift I have been undertaking as an answer to this question.

David Bohl's answer

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