Thursday, December 6, 2007

Becoming a Web 2.0 "Expert"

As another Web 2.0 experiment I now have lijit temporarily included within this webblog. So now theoretically, blinklist, diigo and ma.gnolia can all be linked together which is good for disseminating information across a larger audience so communication is potentially enhanced is but is still basically repeating information. Seems that I also have or had a furl account, which is another tagging system, though I don't actually remember signing up. It also includes digg though I have still not dugg anything. The widget also includes some flicker photos which I may not leave up. I am not Elvis. The link works whether or not I am signed in, but of course I already have the tag cloud. Blinklist only works if I am signed in and it doesn't recognize my ma.gnolia account.

What lijit does do from a social networking perspective is connect me with others who are deemed "experts". This of course depends upon the pool of people they have which seems a bit limited. For the test run search economics innovation "find an expert" search they have me listed second. I am sure that is higher than it should be. Expert is the wrong term particularly for myself. Using the term happiness for the same type search Guy Kawasaki, who was cited in a recent post on money, happiness and connections, is listed third. Blinklist also lets me check out "experts", though sometimes they use the term "top contributers" or "matching users" which is closer to the truth. As their recent e-mail to me stated.

On BlinkList, you can also check out what other people
are discovering every day. In fact, if you go to any
of your own tags, you will always see the who the Top
BlinkList Experts are for any given topic.

By checking out other BlinkList users, you will see
an entire world of discovery open up and rapidly start
to discover sites that you could have never discovered

Using their search for economics innovation there are 20 users listed as matching and I am not listed which is more believable though it does not attest to the actual expertise of those listed.

I am getting better at editing xhtml and have been able to re-edit embedded videos that didn't work so that they did. Seth Godin provides another resources with SEO for bloggers via Seth's Blog Seth Godin on 11/26/07.

A lot of useful insight (and a great example in itself of how to acquire traffic!)

Still need to get back to learning about mashups.

UPDATE: Went back to blinklist and made my all of my blinks public. I am now a blinklist economics "expert". Seems expertise is based on number of links on a particular subject. There are though some of my links for which I have to question applying the tag "economics".

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