Sunday, December 2, 2007

Web 2.0 Explorations

Over the weekend I went back to learn some more about the Web 2.0 tools out there. I am now into tagging, especially and diigo. Lately, I have been taking a look at some of the other tagging systems out there like BlinkList and Ma.gnolia. Not sure if there is any advantage to having more than one system from an organizational perspective except for getting your message in front of more people. There is definitely a difference between the audiences of the various systems. Kiva has 44 users who have tagged the site under BlinkList, 99 on Ma.gnolia and 2,964 users on The TED Talk by Dan Gilbert on Why are we Happy has 2 users on Blink, 5 users tagging it on Mag.nolia and 240 on Blinklist and even more so Ma.gnolia state that they focus more on the social aspects of tagging. One user on Blinklist has 44 different sites with the happiness tag so it is possible to find connections but it's creating personal nodes rather than cognitive ones. One problem with all of these sites is that you have to have the right tag that the majority of other users have utilized. You can't look up the site name or address within these systems even if you know it. I am beginning to see more possibilities for the personal connections on a project basis though I still don't care about anybody's cats. Also took a look at SuperGlu. Superglu is designed to put all this together though I don't see any real advantage over what Blogger can do.

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