Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Top 10 Science Discoveries Shake Down

As is traditional at the end of one year and the beginning of a new one, top 10 lists have come out. Both the online Wired Magazine and Science Magazine have come out with their own top 10 scientific discoveries. These are compared below side-by-side with links to additional information.

The two lists are different for most of the articles and the priority of the discoveries, reflecting different editorial perspectives I presume. Some of Wired choices are based on Science Magazine articles. You can get a good deal of information by merely signing up for free membership.

Wired MagazineScience Magazine
1. Researchers Turn Skin Cells to Stem Cells1. Human Genetic Variation
2. Chimpanzees Make Spears for Hunting2. Reprogramming Cells
3. Mummified Dinosaur Excavated and Scanned3. Tracing Cosmic Bullets
4. Enzymes Convert Any Blood Type to O4. Receptor Visions
5. Laboratory Mice Cured of Rett Syndrome5. Beyond Silicon?
6. Soft Tissue from T. Rex Leg Bone Analyzed6. Electrons Take A New Spin
7. Engineers Create Transparent Material as Strong as Steel7. Divide To Conquer on T cell division
8. Planet Discovered That Could Harbor Life8. Doing More With Less on direct chemistry
9. Scientists Clone Rhesus Monkey to Produce Stem Cells9. Back To The Future on memory and imagination
10. Transistors Get Way Smaller10. Game Over on solving checkers

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