Sunday, January 13, 2008

Designing For New Paradigms

This weblog is in a constant state of experimentation and examination. Each change suggests further changes giving further opportunities for experiment. My last redesign brought about the realization that my online folders were not up to snuff, misfiling, old and not relevant website, etc.

I have created a Design for New Paradigms link under Pearls of Paradigm Processing at the left side of this weblog that links to a new public online folder on design. I have also tagged the online folder under itself with the tag design using diigo and concurrently placing it under, blinklist and ma.gnolia. The diigo bookmark also links back to this weblog using its own design tag.

This doesn't mean that the design online folder or any of the other online folders are a permanent feature of this weblog, just another experiment, but it does organize things a bit better.

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