Tuesday, January 15, 2008

WHO Is Now Number One By Two Times

The website WHO | What are the key health dangers for children became the most popular website featured by this weblog according to FeedBurner. As of today it has twice as many clicks to it as the former first place website.

Total 267 879 0
WHO | What are the key health dangers for children 4 114 --
Listing all ideas - Ideablob: where ideas grow [d… 4 55 --
Transcending Economic Castes 1 20

I previously thought that people were getting to this site through my del.icio.us account. But it seems that nobody else on del.icio.us has tagged the site, same with ma.gnolia and blinklist. I am checking the WHO site out this evening with the diigo about feature. WHO gets a popularity score of 4 . Unfortunately you can't get there from here, you have to join diigo. When you get to the diigo 'about' site for the specific WHO site, the del.icio.us tag is mine. The Bloglines post is Diarrhea: the unloved red-headed stepchild of the global health debate by The Waterblogger, John Oldfield of Washington, DC, United States back in June of 2007. The techorati links are both me and John. So to have relatively (in terms of this beginner's weblog) so many people click on the WHO site is interesting and inspiring. The truth though is that I am not sure why. Is it something that can be replicated or did I just happen to be in the right place at the right time, serendipity from another angle?

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