Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tagging and Cross-Tagging For Better Learning

This weblog is designed with the understanding that its collected sites would be revisited and restudied. Sometimes though things were put aside, despite the optimistic and good intention of coming back, for far too long. Marginal Revolution has had a number of posts of interest which lay fallow, but they are now being revisited and seen as another means of self-education.

However, beyond the information in the posts themselves there is also how that information is organized by this weblog. That is the focus of this post.

A recent review of old Marginal Revolution links stored in an (private) folder found a number of items of interest.

These have now been placed under the various tagging systems used by this weblog, but beyond tagging in the different systems this weblog has also been experimenting with cross-tagging or cross-linking between links with diigo. The question is whether diigo highlights and stickynotes appear if one reaches the original weblinks through the different tagging systems.

Under Stumble Upon the new links all come under the "Discoveries" designation. This means my using them for my own education is solely a personal choice, which in turn is not surprising as there innumerable paths one could choose. It does seem that Stumble Upon does not recognize diigo highlights or bookmarks so cross-tagging does not seem possible within Stumble Upon. (In the future I will figure out that there a ways to crosstag. The web can be beyond time and space.)

In diigo itself, it seems that stickynotes are a better means of cross-tagging than highlights as you can't see diigo comments at the original tagged websites, only in diigo itself. One problem though is that when a link is clicked within a sticky note appearing at an original site, it does not bring up a new window as it does within diigo itself. Adding a target blank extension seems to work, except that they open in new windows and not new tabs. More importantly, all of this only works if someone is a member of the diigo community.

Finding the sites through Ma.gnolia does allow the diigo highlights and stickynotes to appear so cross-tagging is possible. However, they do not appear in the Ma.gnolia site itself.

Blinklist also permits one to see the diigo highlights and stickynotes.

It still seems that the web 2.0 world is balkanized with very different outcomes depending upon the system you decide to use or constantly having to keep track of multiple systems if you use more than a few.

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