Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Universe Is Conspiring to Help Us Or At Least Kevin Kelly Is

The Universe Is Conspiring to Help Us via NPR Series: This I Believe
Whether hitchhiking to work or bicycling across the country, Wired magazine founder Kevin Kelly always found strangers willing to help him. Kelly believes that to be a good giver, you must also know how to receive.

Kottke.org by jason@kottke.org had a piece on Kevin Kelly has written a thoughtful post about how to...

Kevin Kelly has written a thoughtful post about how to make money in a world where the rules are:
  • When copies are super abundant, they become worthless.
  • When copies are super abundant, stuff which can't be copied becomes scarce and valuable.
He then lists eight reasons why people pay money for things that could be free, one of which is immediacy:

Sooner or later you can find a free copy of whatever you want, but getting a copy delivered to your inbox the moment it is released -- or even better, produced -- by its creators is a generative asset. Many people go to movie theaters to see films on the opening night, where they will pay a hefty price to see a film that later will be available for free, or almost free, via rental or download. Hardcover books command a premium for their immediacy, disguised as a harder cover. First in line often commands an extra price for the same good.

The Good Experience Blog also gives us Two new Kevin Kelly pointers

The Bottom is Not Enough, on the challenges of bottom-up design

Subterranean Tutoring, on being a geek dad trying to raise geek kids.

See also:

Kevin Kelly's must-read article on what's "better than free"

All mentions of Kevin Kelly recently (there have been many)

By my own standards I should be adding more to this post than just rehashing what others have already done. The truth though is despite knowing, "the bearded guy on the bike who wrote the Whole Earth Catalog", I really did not appreciate the work of Kevin Kelly. So I am letting those with far more experience in this Web 2.0 environment educated me. This post provides other avenues for studying some of the issues that this weblog has been considering.

Even researching Kevin Kelly provides some further insights into the Web 2.0 world. Searching for Kevin Kelly in del.icio.us brings up a number of hits. Interestingly though there are numerous hits for Cool Tools, each separate because they were assigned a different set of tags. Some of the tags linked to more specific selections with only 25 people sharing the tag set and other have 2,237 people sharing the tag set. Searching for Cool Tools on del.icio.us goes beyond Keven Kelly's Cool Tools.
Searching for Kevin Kelly on Stumble Upon brought up less hits than I would have guessed. It did however list Cool Tools under related sites, though again the designation goes beyond Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools.
[There use to be a paragraph here that said Jason Kottke and Mark Hurst use the target _blank code. That was wrong. It didn't have anything really to do with this post and since this weblog is designed for my web explorations I will still be using target blank because I like it, but it was still wrong.]
Below is my first direct introduction to Kevin Kelly from TED.

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