Monday, February 18, 2008

Target Blank Not A Good Thing?

As part of my blog experimenting, and because I use Firefox, I have been using target -blank as a means of opening links up in new tabs, , or sometime in new windows. Now in my most recent experiments with cross-tagging or linking, I discover that there are a number of people out there who very much dislike forced open windows (none of the links in this particular post will open in a new tab or window). Although what I am finding on this is older than a year, it still gives me something to think about. Perhaps one change is that browsers now use tabbing to a greater degree than before so it may not be as big an issue.

I am not of the belief that this weblog is so important that it has to be kept open, but rather it is having to use the back button constantly that really annoys me personally. If there are different but related sources of information available on the same subject, I don't want to have to go back again and again through the original page. I want everything available so that I can move from tab to tab. That's why I like tabs. (Though I do have to admit to disliking unrelated pop-ups or having my window re-sized.) Links in diigo stickynotes need something similar to target blank so that they open outside the stickynote itself, but then they do open a new window rather than a new tab.

So, although my approach maybe OK for using this weblog as my own personal learning tool, it would perhaps not serve for a weblog that was specially designed to communicate with the larger world beyond. There are seemingly more complicated ways of working around this issue, but I am not proficient enough at coding yet to use them.

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