Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Seeking Good Cyber-Karma From Feed Readers

Last Tuesday it was mentioned that things had changed a tad for this website. The MyStuff folder on design had moved into second position for overall item use clicks on FeedBurner.

Now this weblog is still small time. The total number of subscribers remains at around 12. Although it is now receiving direct visitors in addition to the feed readers, that also averages around 10 daily.

What has changed is the number of clicks to items or what I call original source webpages over the last week. Now instead of getting 1 to 8 clicks an item with a total of around 30 clicks per day, it is getting 6 to 8 clicks per item but a total of 290 clicks a day. Highest day in the last week was 510 clicks.

Below is the top 10 activity for the last 7 days. Total number of clicks for the week was 1,975 back to the original site on 70 items. In some cases they were to the weblog's pages or online folders.

School of Humanities, Arts, & Social Science 47
ChangeThis :: The Art of the Start [del… 47
Global Health Equity From MIT World 47
The Chance To Move Forward 47
MyStuff - What is Civic Media and Fair … 47
Things Have Shifted A Bit 47
Science Score Card 47
HyperStudio - MIT [] 47
From Ideablob's Debut Newsletter: Novem 47
Confusing Means and Ends and the Pathways

The chart for all time item use clicks looks like this.

The New Overall Item Popularity Top 10

WHO | What are the key health dangers for chilren 4 128
Unintended victims of Gates Foundation 2 103
MyStuff - Design from BrianDRPM [] 2 97
School of Humanities, Arts, & Social Science 2 97
MIT World » : Global Health Equity [delicious] 2 82
Global Health Equity From MIT World 2 73
Pathways Across The Globe 2 73
Confusing Means and Ends and the Pathways 1 73
HyperStudio - MIT [] 1 72
ChangeThis :: How To Be Creative [] 1 72

the original IdeaBlob is no longer even in the top 10. Actually it is now at number 26. Much of this is of course based on faith. It seems that people can get to the original source weblinks and do so far more than they subscribe or visit my site, but it is also possible that it is some sort of FeedBurner glitch. Still somebody out there must be using this stuff with global healthcare issues seemingly leading the pack. In some cases they have started using sites through or other sites before I blog about them. There is also not a strong correlation between what I write and what people link to, though putting up something new on global health will seem to spark interest. All of this is fine with me. This weblog serves its primary purpose as a learning tool rather well, if I can get some good cyber-karma at the same time all the better.

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