Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Helping To Pave Over The Health Equity Gap

As a quick look would likely show, this weblog has a high regard for the work that is being done at MIT. I only recently learned of their motto and its meaning though. This weblog has long held the view that social-entrepreneurs and activists have a good deal to learn from business and private-entrepreneurs. MIT is taking a lead in making that a reality. They are now applying that effort to global health care.

Mens et Manus - Home (Annotated with diigo)

Welcome to mens et manus

mind and hands describes the Massachusetts Institute of Technology approach to learning by doing. Part of a rich tradition of real-world engagement at MIT, mens et manus may be more important than ever as an approach to transforming the world by combining rigor, innovation, action and learning. Start here to join some exciting projects emerging at MIT, and to nurture new ones.

Their current focus: global health delivery (learn more)

Dean's Innovative Leader Series - MIT Sloan School of Management Corporate Connection

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