Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cha Cha Cha Changes (Dead "Boomer" Give Away)

The weblog's evolution and development through a continual redefinition of terms and ideas is as much a topic of inquiry as any of the other areas of interest. These changes then result in a structural change to weblog itself.

A new online folder Pedagogic Pathways has been added to Pearls of Paradigm Processing. The weblinks were originally in the Paradigm Shifts Through Innovation folder, but I realized that they had more to do with education than innovation and that there were enough of them to justify their own folder. These were picked up during my web-trekking and while they look interesting I have not made any real effort to review them.

Moved the lijit search widget up to the top to the page because if generates a number of bot hits and some interesting things have come up in the past though I still don't have it fully working. However, it doesn't seem like it would be much use to others as it might be to me and it does include my actions which FeedBurner supposedly does not.

The "How is a Paradigm Formed?" presentation is now embedded at the top of the page. Formerly it was only a link, but I like this and wanted to share with whomever might drop by.

Removed the Blinklist Innovation list. I will still save stuff on the Blink List site but I didn't see any real advantage to having another widget which was basically replicating what others were doing.

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