Monday, January 21, 2008

Science Score Card

From Science: BREAKTHROUGH OF THE YEAR: How'd We Do? Score Card on predictions

In addition to its number one breakthrough of the year and the remainder of its top 10 list of scientific discoveries, Science Magazine also took a look back to see how it did in predicting which areas of science would be important.

The full article link is above, the links below connect to additional sites of interest.

Rating the predictions we made last year in "Areas to Watch"

World-weary? Hardly.

See Web links on planets and exoplanets

Skulls and bones.

See Web links on hominid fossils

Loads of new primate genes.

See Web links on primate genomes

A climate of change?

See Web links on climate change policy

Whole-genome association studies.

See Web links on whole-genome association studies

Light crystals.

See Web links on optical lattices

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