Saturday, January 26, 2008

Designing What We Live In, Where We Live At , How We Live

As the TEDblog reminds us,"The D in TED stands for Design" -- and two recent talks demonstrate why.

Two more world class designers are featured, one for the building - Frank Gehry and one for what we put in it - Paola Antonelli.

Legendary architect Frank Gehry, in conversation with Richard Saul Wurman, looks back over his career and shares the deepest truths of his architectural practice. Watch this talk >> on many topics, including the power of failure, the importance of collaboration, and the need for architects to bring personal expression to the table. And MOMA design curator Paola Antonelli makes the case that this is a very special moment for design, right here, right now. Watch this talk >>; on a whistlestop tour of some design exhibitions she has organized, including "Mutant Materials," "Workspheres" and "Safe."

On 1/17/08, the TED | TEDBlog let us know that Antonelli had been promoted to senior curator of the New York Museum of Modern Art's department of architecture and design. The promotion was announced by MoMA 's director Glenn Lowry. Paola is currently preparing "Design and the Elastic Mind; an exhibition on science, design and innovation that will open at MoMA on February 24.

TED is following a similar path with my Designing New Paradigms online folder, which will now include these two TEDTalks, by making a dedicated page to design in new Theme: Architectural Inspiration .

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