Thursday, January 10, 2008

Re-Designing Yet Again

This weblog has gone through yet another re-design. My recent discover that people were actually visiting my weblog rather than going through feeders prompted me to highlight the on-line folders, despite not being sure that they are all that functional. They were created prior to learning more about tagging. What they offer is ability to take a collection of websites and establish a focus.

I started this exercise off thinking about Kuhn's concept of paradigm shifts. However, I soon discovered that I did not see eye to eye with Kuhn and began seeing Paradigm Shifts from Other Perspectives. My reason was that I believed that the world could benefit from Paradigm Shifts Through Innovation. I made the optimistic presumption that Social and Economic Paradigms Shifting to a Better World were a possibility.

Truth though is that it is not well organized. I have not done a good enough job of identifying the sites that are in the folders and many of the websites are in the wrong folder. William McDonough: The wisdom of designing Cradle To Grave Design is in the Social and Economic Paradigms Shifting to a Better World folder and should be moved to a new folder on design, which I have and should make public but I haven't gone through and identified the individual websites yet.

I also wanted a quick and easy way to gather weblinks without worrying so much about organizing them so I created online folders with a variety of different websites under a particular topic that I could toss things into. Science Pathways , Web 2.0 Pathways , Social and Economic Pathways are Google Notebooks.

Finally I created Innovations, Insights, Integrity which is my shared Google Reader. Hugh MacLeod has a better one. I made the mistake of making mine inert, while Hugh MacLeod updates his.

His December 24, 2007 post asks to "please add me to your Google reader friend list"

I've recently started using the Google Reader quite avidly. Please add me to your friend list so I can see what you're reading, too. Rock on. His shared items are here.

I am going to take him up on his offer, but after I do a bit more housing cleaning. Then I need to figure out if the whole thing is worth keeping.

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