Saturday, January 12, 2008

Attempting To Update Videos

My favorite means of learning on the web is watching educational videos like Professor Lewin's physics lectures, MIT World, Econ 100B Macroeconomic Analysis with Professor Steven Wood , TED videos and many others.

I have finally updated the video tag of this weblog so that it includes all embedded videos or slide shows. Also updated to FireFox 3 beta which I learned about from the Wired article. The problem is that all video players are not created equal, at least not on my regular computer. For some reason embedded TED videos using Flash 9.0 have a hard time usually stopping and flashing a continuous 'loading video'. This despite having had enlarged the storage capacity that may be needed by the videos. I don't know if its just my computer, my wife's works fine, but I hope that not too many others are suffering from this. One can always go to the TED talk site itself but having the video handy was nice. It use to work better I don't know what changed. Another video on the blink now, at least for my computer, is Like Trying to Milk a Fish which featured Sam Davidson. Now it stops after about 1 minute.

For the good, the video at the The Fine Print Of Good Design post did not even load up before I upgraded my Firefox. Now it works fine.

All of the YouTube Videos also work fine, but then its Google. Besides updating the video tag, I have also added a diigo sticky note to the video tag link as an explanation and link back to this post. Of course, you need diigo to make it work.

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