Monday, December 31, 2007

Firing Up FeedBurner

I have written a few posts about HitTail so it's about time I did one on FeedBurner.

One of the constraints of this weblog experiment that has not been stated up until now is that nobody knows about it who is web comfortable in the day job/real world. So who the people who are subscribing to this weblog are, I have absolutely no idea, but they did not come from local friends or family. More important is that the growth from zero to a whopping 18 tops is organic without any particularly focused effort. It is as if one threw a message in a bottle into the cyber-sea and received answers from all over the world. The level of connection on the web is truly amazing.

All of my hits on FeedBurner come from feeds not site visits. In fact, it would seem that nobody has ever actually visited my site. Not that I blame them, most of my connecting is through the Google Reader, at least my initial connections.

More people are finding items of issue through my account. The number of people find the Listing all ideas - Ideablob: where ideas grow at my account continues to get bigger even though I never actually got around to posting the article from Entrepreneurial Mind.

The regular feeds picking up my site include:

The bots looking over my website include:

Name Hits learn more about Hits
Another Google Bot

Another Googlebot. There are multiple versions, some prepend the Mozilla string in their user-agent, like this one. Googlebot is Google's web-crawling robot. It collects documents from the web to build a searchable index for the Google search engine.


This content was viewed within the Lijit service


Moreover polls xml feeds for use in a number of applications such as an enterprise news aggregator

Technorati Search Bot

Technorati is a real-time search engine that keeps track of what is going on in the blogosphere - the world of weblogs.


This is the crawler for the blog search component of search engine Ice Rocket

Snapbot 2
FeedBurner Feed Insurance

When you see this user-agent, you know it's working!


Sphere is a blog search engine




I don't know if the I am getting more hits from Lijit because I signed up with them or not. The Sphere hits were from my account. This is fine with me and fits in with the philosophy of this weblog in that it is suppose to be about the links to intriguing and informative websites. Below are my top 1o all time most popular links or posts.

Transcending Economic Castes 20
-- Staff Bios-- Center for Social Media 19
Listing all ideas - Ideablob: where ide 19
New York Law School: Professor Beth Nov 18
Finding The Style For A Sucessful Caree 2 12
World changing paradigm shifts come fro 13
Slashdot | Fair Use Worth More Than Cop 13
Web 2.0 For The Over 50 - A Good Experi… 13
Attempting To Tag Intelligently 1 12
Getting One's On-line House In Order 2 11

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