Monday, December 31, 2007

digging diigo

I am beginning to like diigo more and more. I was already impressed with the diigo webslides such as the one used with the post on Civic Media. I finally figured out that the way to update tags across all of my tagging systems is to open up the original diigo bookmark from Firefox and add in the new tag. Better yet I can also forward the article I am tagging to my blog with a relevant part of the article in tow to my blog. The last two posts were created using this procedure. The Self Promotion versus Selfless Promotion post was a quick grab but the next post on social-entrepreneurship and healthcare in Africa combined a number of different articles using this method.

As the issue was more complicated, it took a good deal more thought for me to put it together. That is only in terms of creating the narrative, I still have to work on increasing the efficiency in creating these posts as well from the html perspective. I am starting to develop a look that I like and my desire to insure that all links open up in new tabs or windows makes putting it all together more difficult. Of course, I could learn CSS but that is a longer term prospect.

A good deal of the content is repeated but I still feel as though it is an advance in understanding some of the issues this weblog has been exploring as well as an advance in how to present them. What I need to work on now is inserting comments and sticky notes onto the articles I am blogging about and find new ways of connecting them all together.

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