Friday, December 28, 2007

Self Promotion versus Selfless Promotion

Ask 37signals: 10 ways to "get ink" - (37signals)

10 ideas that come to mind when I think about ways to get people to notice you/your product:

  • 1. Provide something of value.
    2. Know your hook.
    3. Stand for something.
    4. Get your face out there.
    5. Try to build real, sustained relationships.
    6. It's the message, not the amount you spend on it
    7. Give stuff away for free.
    8. Ride the wave.
    9. Be in it for the long haul.
    10. Be undeniably good. Steve Martin was on Charlie Rose

Seth's Blog: Self promotion

  • Nobody says, "That Yo Yo Ma, he's so self-promotional," or, "can you believe what a self-promoter the Dalai Lama is?" That's because they're not promoting themselves. They're promoting useful ideas. They're promoting tactics or products that actually benefit the person they're reaching out to.

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