Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Resolving To Learn More About Web 2.0

New Year is the time for resolutions. I find that best kind of resolutions to undertake are those you were going to do or are doing anyway even if it wasn't the end of the year. I resolve to continue learning more, especially regarding web 2.0. Below are some of the web 2.0 tools with which I would like to get more familiar. This gets added on to the list of web 2.0 tools and other areas of interest I was going to learn in 2007.

SquidBlog » Blog Archive » Two years later, the SquidUpdate
  • Quick, What's Squidoo?

    Squidoo makes it really really (really!) easy to share your favorite stuff online, discover great recommendations, earn a little dough and even give to charity. All for free. What's your passion (insert: hobby, job, favorite music, holiday wishlist, pet stories, marketing tips, sports heroes, and so on)? Don't get addicted, we dare you.

Seth's Blog: For scholars who just can't wait
  • We built a new front door that makes it easy for you to build a scholarly page, filled with details, facts and more on Squidoo. And of course it will be indexed all over the web...

This is another one that I want to learn in 2008.

Wiki - Free Wiki Websites - Wetpaint
    • New! Just Add Wetpaint!

      Learn about Just Add Wetpaint, the turnkey professional services solution offered by Wetpaint to build your robust brand-centric community online.
    Here An example of a website created with the wetpaint wiki maker.

    Victoria City Style Council

    Forwarding webpages with highlights and sticky notes, powered by Diigo

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