Saturday, February 21, 2009

New Paradigms Crossing Paths Science and Religion

This journey was started to find new paradigms. The endeavor to find new paradigms has taken this blog through a number of different new pathways. Two, which are often seen as conflicting, but which both help us to define ourselves are science and religion. Both of the sources cited here are open-minded in their approach. The contrast is enlightening and some commonality can be found even from those who strongly espouse one view or the other.

Edward O. Wilson
Host Robert Wright talks with E.O. Wilson, a self-defined a materialist, a biological determinist, and a secular-humanist, about his thesis of sociobiology and how the idea that the human mind is shaped as much by genetic inheritance as it is by culture influenced his views intelligent design, free will, and how science and religion can potentially come together in order to save life on earth.
Karen Armstrong in Conversation with Alan Jones
Author of "The Bible: A Biography", Karen Armstrong and Rev. Alan Jones, the Dean of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco discuss Armstrong's latest book biblical criticism, biblical literalism, and the Golden Rule. Armstrong provides her interpretation of The Good Book and they also confront the New Atheists who have recently attacked the Abrahamic religions.

Finally, this TED talk featuring one of this years TED Prize winners. Jill Tarter: Astronomer and Director of the SETI Institute provides some new perspectives on our place in the universe.

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