Sunday, November 4, 2007

Self-Reflection thru Interconnection Self-Reflection thru Writing

Although this is definitely still a work in progress, I finally have a better notion of what I am trying to accomplish with this weblog. Despite having made pronouncements a number of times, the definitions remained vague and tenuous. This weblog is a vehicle for interconnected self-reflection.

Having lost the second incarnation of this weblog has made a difference. One is realizing how bad some of the writing had been. I need to realize that what is in my head is not necessarily what is on the page. To help with this, I am linking up to Whitesmoke and to the Paradigm Online Writing Assistant. Another realization brought on by self-reflection is that even though only a very few persons at best are reading this, I am still concerned about the quality. The mere act of externalizing some thoughts with only the chance of them being seen still creates a need to ensure that some level of quality is maintained and enhanced.

Still another realization is the truth behind Hugh Macloed's writings and of the Gaping Void video on Being Creative. It is the knowledge and experience of the person behind the blog or website that makes the difference, not the bells and whistles. Of course there is still the need to get the knowledge and experience in putting together the bells and whistles which is its own form of design and art. My newbie discoveries have not surprisingly done by others and better.

One self-realization is that at one level the writing has nothing to do with the web. It is the writing itself that is an exercise in self-reflection as a form of mental self-definition. The interconnected component of this endeavor allows me to connect with a wide range of other sources having a diversity of ideas and perspectives. It is again the individual behind the writing and who has the good or bad ideas, whether by web or by print, who is important.

Although not at the level of establish writer, the exercise does afford the novice some of the same insights. I ran across this article from the Los Angeles Times.

In Topanga Canyon, watching, waiting . . . writing - Los Angeles Times

I sit and write in the face of chaos because that's my job. How else would I be able to feel pain for those who suffer the results of fire and the anxiety that stirs all kinds of emotions in my gut? I need a flow of words to understand my own feelings, and to reach out to our neighbors in Malibu and to those in danger to the north, to the south and to the east." Al Martinez

This is by a professional writer in the midst of an ongoing tragedy but the concept applies to anybody trying to find their place in a constantly changing world. Now the fires have abated and people are starting to rebuild their lives. A very informative report on the fires can be found at the blog serendipityoucity, found previously by this site, which is an excellent example of some of what this weblog is trying to achieve. However, to get to the real heart of a matter for our own understanding can take the skills of a good writer.

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