Thursday, November 1, 2007

S.F. offering healthcare to neediest via Los Angeles Times via story:

First the original story, S.F. offering healthcare to neediest - Los Angeles Times - I found this story interesting from the civic side that a local, though larger than most government, was trying to take on such a difficult undertaking. Also found it interesting from the economic side because the article did not go into details how it is being financed. Small businesses are already gearing up against it. Finally, it was interesting because the emphasis is on prevention or early intervention. How many social issues would be alleviated if they could be addressed early?

This was my first post on a new website I found through, once again, serendipity. The site looks interesting and incorporates some of th e same ideas I have been playing around with, minus in my case the technical prowess. It looks like a good place to learn a thing or two. The site also uses tags which I find quite useful.

Here is a link to the story on kikono :

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