Thursday, November 22, 2007

No, Not The Right Person But Still A Great Job

Seth's Blog: Great job for the right person

Seth Godin's post for November 15 this year was about Acumen and a great job being offered. According to Seth, "it just might be the most important job you ever do."

"This individual would join the
Portfolio Strategies team which focuses on sharing knowledge and influencing how the world tackles poverty. The associate would be primarily responsible for using the internet, video, and a range of tools available for building community to share what Acumen Fund is learning about effective ways to bring critical goods and services to people living in the developing word who make less than $3 per day. "

A review of their website quickly demonstrates that the applicant is going to have to be experienced and talented.

Seth does marketing and this sounds like a marketing position. A viable and important endeavor but there is still the questions floating around the back of my mind as to whether this is the best means of addressing these issues. This has been raised before with the posts on malaria nets usually with me supporting the efforts of Jacqueline Novogratz and other working in this field, but I still have not resolved all questions in my mind. Especially, those raised by Vivian Hoffman whose study had more impact on me than the New York Times article cited by Marginal Revolution. I used a link above for some of the sites I have saved. Here is a link to sites saved by others with a far wider range of views. There are many more trying to make a difference who can be found in Social and Economic Paradigms. It is not that I am turning away from my former perspective, rather it is obtaining enough knowledge to answer these concerns and being able to be open to new ideas and letting old ones go when they no longer work.

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