Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Finding Connections In All Directions

Unlike some blogs, this one does not only connect to the immediate and often transitory concerns. It will re-connect to the past and find new pathways forward, revisiting and rethinking previous themes. One of these is the connections found under Shifting to a Better World. These included and the Catalogue for Philanthropy GREATER WASHINGTON 2007-08 that were written about before. Since then my web-wandering found similar sites closer to home, California Community Foundation, Southern California Grant Markers and the San Francisco Homeless Resource - a Wikia wiki are three examples of what can be done combining web 2.0 with philanthropic work. However, it doesn't seem that anyone has done on the west cost what Greater Washington did on the east coast.

Shifting to a Better World also has a link to to the
William J. Clinton Foundation and the new YouTube MyCommittment.Org which promotes the Clinton Initiative. Google is also only helping to promote social responsibility through Checkout for non-profits. Other avenues for micro-financing include E-Bay according to BusinessWeek.

"Microlending is just a good fit for eBay," says eBay spokeswoman Catherine England. "It really leverages eBay's areas of expertise to address what we see as an emerging market." Omidyar is also an investor in Kiva, a microlending site run by former TiVo (TIVO) executive Matt Flannery and former PayPal executive Premal Shah.

Finally, in addition to new resources, there is also potential inspiration from How to Save the World and How to Change the World with No Plan, No Capital, No Model...No Problem. New resources will be added as time goes on.

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