Thursday, November 22, 2007

Creative Destruction Or Rebirth of Impermanance

Businesspundit: The Foundations of Capitalism

Businesspundit has a post on the Foundations of Capitalism, actually on one of the founders of modern capitalism Joseph Schumpeter. I have run across this name a number of times in my web-wanderings. In particular, when reading Marginal Revolution. The concept that keeps coming through is Creative Destruction.

I have a series of web articles I saved that not only need to be re-read but cogitated a good deal more about. These ideas are arguably foundational to some of the questions I have been raising about malaria nets and mobile phones. There is a biological basis for this approach that I am aware of which I need to find again. There is also the last post. Before this cartoon, by Hugh MacLeod, was only an excuse to try a new tool. Now it has a more meaningful impact.

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