Saturday, November 17, 2007

Getting Back Into The Groove

There has not been a post to this weblog for about two weeks. A real world/day job change enveloped me in a number of whirlwind issues at work, sometimes you change the paradigms and sometimes the paradigms change you. It was an interesting course of karma to be put in a position of power over some who would have craved it far more.

Did try to keep up with the influx of new information and organize it all in some form so that it can be studied more closely in the future. This is of course a self-afflicted difficulty. One can simply say no but articles look interesting then connections are made and one feels a need to tie things together and more often than not creating a narrative for one's self is the best way of accomplishing that.

Finished transferring anything deemed worthwhile from the second incarnation to this, the third incarnation of this weblog. A few current and old posts are still in draft form waiting for a final decision to post or not. It goes back to the often raised question as to why I am doing this. Maybe I will figure that out if I do it a bit more.

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