Sunday, August 3, 2008

Back Home From China To New Adventures

I am back home from China, after a month stay. The trip resulted in a couple of realizations.

First realization is how much this weblog depends upon the Web 2.0 bells and whistles. In China, for whatever reason, I could not get to a good number of sites and did not have available my handy tool bars for, diigo, or Stumbleupon.

Second realization, this blog, using the term loosely, is designed more for open exploration. One recurring topic has been the intention of creating a more focused blog on a particular subject. While in China, I annouced that I was creating a new blog. The new blog is another Web 2.0 experiment, but the subject is something that I have at least minimal knowledge about, am supportive of, and which I have blogged on before.

The chosen subject is the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. This subject allows me to blog on social-entrepreneurship, global health, sustainability, the use of the web as a tool for development, and other topics. The connections made over the course of putting this blog together provide a great deal of useful information on the topics covered by the subject of the millennium goals. Currently I am experimenting with links to see if they work with what I am trying to achieve, also fine tuning what it is that I am trying to achieve. There are a number of excellent sites newly discovered through the creation of the new blog.

The new blog is named Milestones and Millstones to A New Millennium. It is still under construction and testing, so I am not creating a permanent link in the left hand column yet. Most of the initial construction was during my stay in China. Why I decided to do it when my web resources were minimal is for future introspection. The inspiration came from a number of sources, those being some of the connections or comments received by the weblog over its existence.

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