Monday, July 14, 2008

Ten Reasons John Mariotti Won't Use Social Media Sites

Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends, who was featured in the last post, lead me to this article by John L. Mariotti.

John’s viewpoint represents the view of the vast majority of businesspeople today — they aren’t ready to drink the Kool-aid on social media sites just yet (maybe never). — Anita Campbell, Editor

I find it difficult to summarize Mr. Mariotti's ideas in any effective manner, so I am merely listing the categories. My personal perspective is that his points are either overblown or if valid there is no argument that traditional and web 2.0 marketing approaches are mutually exclusive. The chance that the majority of businesspeople may agree with him does not dissuade me.

10 Reasons I Won't Use Social Media Sites by John L. Mariotti

Plus, if you act now you will also get:

4 Better, Safer and More Personal Alternatives to Social Media

  • Contacts made through professional societies and their meetings.
  • Networking through current and former colleagues, friends and neighbors.
  • Join and participate in clubs.
  • Conferences and round-tables that deal directly and indirectly with related topics to your work.

And for a limited time with this special offer:

Other, More Profitable Mainstream Marketing Options

  • Creative 3-dimensional direct mail.
  • Create Selling Kits and tools that make it easier for sales people to communicate the benefits you offer.
  • Pre-Trade Show Program.
  • Re-evaluate and optimize your Web site.
    • Include an appropriate blog that builds manageable relationships

As Mr. Mariotti tells us, I recognize that the marketing landscape is changing. I love and embrace new technology — but for the sake of profitable business and not because it's a shiny new toy. It's easy to get caught up in complexity and we know that complexity increases costs and cuts profits.

I also agree with him that, Nothing good comes easy. If this were all it took, everyone in the world would be connected to everyone else in the world and it would all be such a wonderful place. What I disagree with is that it is not worth making the effort.

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