Monday, March 17, 2008

Fulfilling A New Year's Resolution And Getting Back To the Original Pathway

There have been no new posts to this weblog for about two weeks or so. The time has been spent learning from the websites that have been found rather than trying to find and write about new ones. There have also been a number of experimental changes to this weblog that have not been addressed prior to this point.

I have partially fulfilled one of my New Year's resolutions of Resolving To Learn More About Web 2.0 by creating my first Squidoo site on Creative-Destruction. It is still experimental but it does seem to have the potential to become a useful tool. It also seems that much of what I learn with Squidoo will be useful in other areas of the web 2.0 world.

A blogroll from was also recently added on the left-hand column. Called "Blogging Roads Less Traveled", to convey the idea that although the visits to them were not as frequent, they still provided numerous ideas and avenues for new exploration. The web is made for the curious.

An interesting web 2.o tool AideRSS , introduced by Businesspundit way back on 1/17/08 has been included in this weblog. AideRSS - Interesting New Tool.

The ranking though is based basically on popularity or how many people tag it rather than the actual quality of the articles themselves. Because I am interested in topics or perspectives on topics others are not, I would not depend upon it for my own reading selections to the degree suggested by either the Businesspundit post or the AideRSS site itself. It is interesting though seeing how articles stack up.

It would seem, according to the last two weeks, that writing or not writing in this weblog makes little difference to the ability or willingness of others to partake in the offerings here. However, since the original design of this weblog was to find and organize websites on topics of interest to me, so that they could be studied more throughly, and it has succeeded in that endeavor far better than I would have imagined, I find little reason to complain.

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