Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tagging Lessons Learned, Learned Again

One of the lessons learned during this weblog experiment is how useful tagging is for both organizing and discovering new website of particular interest. The favorite tagging system for this weblog is still which still has the greatest level of participation regarding websites in which I am generally interested. Another benefit is the ease with which different concepts can be combined.

A combination that should have been obvious to this weblog before this are combining the tag creative-destruction and the tag entrepreneurship. The combination of creative-destruction/entrepreneurship brings up some expected and already discovered results, but it also brings up some new insights that have been added to the online MyStuff Creative-Destruction folder. Whether the online folder is preferable to the tags may be a matter of preference.

We are trusting each others tagging assignations though over time and wide enough participation this seems to work out. Sites are unlikely to be widely miss-tagged. What would seems to need to happen is the constant application or combination of new ideas and concepts. One could, of course, always choose the combined term and Google it instead, getting day one 138,000, day two 150,000 websites to select from, but then there isn't the social verification component, for whatever that is actually worth.

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