Friday, February 15, 2008

Promises Of New Discoveries And Global Impacts

Wired Science through Wired: Top Stories has two stories on World's Scientists Converge on Boston for AAAS.
The annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science attracts more than 8,000 scientists for discussions and presentations of all types. Wired Science provides full coverage from Friday through Monday.

with the hopefully outlook that the World's Largest Science Gathering Promises New Discoveries, Global Impacts.

Thousands of scientists will spend five days in Boston discussing global climate change, disease and the future of the developing world. It's the world's largest general science conference.

All this is related to AAAS Annual Meeting now ongoing in Boston. This weblog now has a blogroll (located near the bottom of the left hand column), which includes the Science Magazine News Blog, Findings who will be doing their own blogging on the conference.

Comparison and contrasting is one of the means this weblog uses to better understand issues and one of particular interest is the difference in approach to these issues between Wired Magazine's more popular appeal and Science Magazine's more academic appeal.

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