Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran and Twitter Shaping A New World

I have come to the point that many on the web find themselves where I have more resources than I can keep up with. Resources from my Milestones for a New Millennium blog include dgCommunities "a collaborative space for professionals working to reduce poverty and promote sustainable development worldwide", from the Development Gateway Foundation.

Development Gateway is an international nonprofit organization that provides Web-based platforms to make aid and development efforts more effective around the world.

One of their one of the online publications is which deals with information and communication.

Recently, though they had a post of the Twitter phenomenon from another member which caught my eye. I have been on the look out for such articles. They have been pretty easy to find coming from numerous sources.

The original article was from Mashable demonstrating how information can be reshaped, in format not content, and used again to help form understanding and policy.

News #CNNfail: Twitter Blasts CNN Over Iran Election
Twitter users blasted CNN this weekend for a lack of coverage of the Tehran protests, with Iranian citizens claiming ballot fraud and taking to the streets.

Twitter has proven a powerful tool for spreading news of developing events in the country, but it has also taken on the role of media watchdog: thousands of Twitter users adopted the hashtag #CNNfail to highlight a lack of Iran coverage from the news organization.
Language: EnglishSource: Mashable: The Social Media Guide
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