Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Pathways Throughout Southern California

Yesterday I spent the morning at Caltech for the Angling in the Sea of Social Networks: The Future of Venturing in the Community Internet.

The session included: User Community Keynote: Doc Searls

All the speakers were good and I attained a good deal of insight into social media and am rethinking some pathways I was taking in this endeavor. Mainly how fast I can implement this type of system at work.

I did try to elicit some more insight regarding local governments using the Web 2.0 social media universe, but somehow my question either did not register or it is not something that has been thought about to any great extent. I did, however, have a very engaging conversation with one of my fellow audience members. Engaging because I got to go on a long spiel about my perspective as a city economic development professional and using social media for community building purposes and he connected positively to what I was saying as a social web media/marketing professional. This is definitely a pathway I plan to explore more.

In the afternoon I went with family to Otis to help our niece get in. She has attained a full scholarship and is going into Otis Communication Arts - Illustration. So I was able to see the best of California Education from a wide expanse of perspectives. The second trip helped to inform the first trip and get some ideas flowing.

This morning was spent with coffee, croissant and the L.A. Times Sunday paper. Three stories caught my eye in the Images section, Gehry on L.A., art (and Gehry), 'Conversations With Frank Gehry' by Barbara Isenberg and The Hammer Museum gets together with artists, outside the box; and again this helped to provide more ideas to contemplate and pathways to follow. Now I need to let that jumble of ideas settle and percolate a bit.

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